Community seminars

The DIPC Community Seminars series aims to strengthen the internal communication within the center and to provide a complete view of our scientific activity. Within this series, all junior (Fellows) and senior scientists of DIPC will have the opportunity to share their science with the rest of the DIPC community.

Speakers are encouraged to convey a broad context of their work, in order to maximize the engagement in the ensuing discussion. We encourage in particular the attendance of PhD students and postoctoral researchers, as a way to get a broader picture of the local scientific activity and learn about scientific topics aside from their own research work.

Seminars will take place every other Thursday at noon in the DIPC Lecture Hall (and for time being also accessible via Zoom). The format will be about 45 min (+15 min discussion). The series started in 2022 and we plan to run it for at least for the next three years, thus enabling talks by all DIPC scientists.

The next scheduled talks can be found here and the archive of past talks here.

The seminar series is organized by Marek Grzelczak, Geza Giedke and David De Sancho. If you have questions or suggestions, please contact us via e-mail.

Upcoming events

21 Mar, 2024 (Thursday) at Josebe Olarra Seminar Room
Spins in mesoscopic and topological systems for quantum computing and spintronics

Vitaly Golovach (CFM-UPV/EHU & DIPC)

I will briefly review the motivation behind devising efficient mechanisms of coherent spin control in semiconductors, reviewing along the lines of the Loss-DiVincenzo proposal for quantum computing and the EDSR mechanism of spin control in quantum dots. I will consider an example of a hybrid metal-ferromagnetic insulator system which provides additional mechanisms of spin control in spintronics and potentially in quantum computing. A microscopic theory of spin Hall magnetoresistance is derived from the calculation of spin relaxation and decoherence of... Read more!